Protecting Your Valuable Items

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Protect your valuables with proper coverage
Many people know that over time certain gold, platinum and silver jewelry may rise in value, thus, you must make sure you have proper coverage for these precious items.

“Historically, we have seen clients underinsured by 40 to 60 percent across all categories of valuable articles, including jewelry,” explains Gerald Escobar, principal of Asset Archives, a global appraisal firm based in Atlanta, GA.

3 Steps to Protect Your Valuable Items:
  1. Update Your Inventory: You should review and adjust your inventory to reflect the most current inventory of gold necklaces, watches, and other precious items. 
  2. Compare Value with Coverage Limits: Homeowners policies have special limits on the amounts they will pay for jewelry and other collectible items. Purchasing additional protection through valuable policy on an individual (scheduled) or blanket basis is often necessary.
  3.  Repeat:  The best and easiest way to keep your valuables well protected is to partner with your Mid-State Insurance agent for a once-a-year review of your insurance needs.
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