Traditionally, springtime is the season in which most people give their homes a complete overhaul, but can cleaning your house also be profitable? It can, if you follow these tips:

Change air-conditioning filters. Keeping your air filters clean will not only improve air quality, but will ensure your system is working as efficiently as possible.

Dust off electronics, light bulbs and vents. Dust prevents your appliances from running at maximum capacity.

Seal air leaks. Just as warm air seeps out of buildings or homes in the winter, it seeps in during the summer. It’s estimated that 30 percent of heating and cooling bills are consumed by air leakage.

Vacuum refrigerator coils. Keeping the coils clean increases energy efficiency and can save you about 6 percent of your fridge’s electric bill, according to a study by the Sacramento Municipal Utility District.

Cash-in on clutter. Spring cleaning is a great time for you take stock of items you no longer need or want. List sellable items online—where there’s a buyer for almost everything—or take advantage of the increasingly nice weather and throw a yard sale.