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Which Coverage Do I Need?

An automobile insurance policy is designed to provide you with a level of protection against property, liability and medical costs if you are involved in an accident.

Selecting the correct liability limits is fundamental.

Many states have minimum liability limits.  While it may lower your premium, reducing your liability limits to minimum legal levels and dropping underinsured motorists coverage could open you up to substantial risk.

Collision Insurance

Your policy will not pay for repairs that exceed the value of your vehicle. For this reason, if you are driving a vehicle that isn’t worth more than a few thousand dollars, it may not make sense to purchase collision coverage. Mid-State Insurance can help you determine whether or not collision insurance makes sense for you.

Protecting Your Well-being

There are many reasons to buy insurance, but the best one is the financial security it provides. You insure your business to protect your assets. A large accident could easily exceed low insurance limits, putting your business, savings and investments at risk.  Accidents happen to cautious drivers, too, and having adequate insurance can save you from serious financial burden should one happen to you.

We can help you determine which automobile insurance coverage is needed and what limits to buy.

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